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on your upcoming wedding

You’ve got the ring and you have decided that it is a good time to get married.

Surely you have heard that in Yucatan there are magical places like haciendas, cenotes and beaches that make it one of the best places to celebrate your wedding, but you know that coordinating everything can be a real nightmare.

Why choose Yucatan

The perfet place for your destination wedding

At Eventalia, we’re going to help you have

Our goal is that you enjoy the entire process with peace of mind and the certainty that you’ll have the wedding of your dreams with the budget you choose.

We’re here to help you

on every step of the way

Full accompaniment

We look for and secure key suppliers for the event.

Expense control

Creative meetings

Help when organising religious ceremony procedures

Pre, during and post event coordination

You want to get married in

a different place

Somebody recommended Eventalia to you, now what?

Well, the first thing is to leave us your data in the button below, but let’s assume that you have already done so and let’s focus on what comes next.

First things first​

We will contact you to find out how you would like your wedding to be

If you have any idea, photography, or any pinterest board to make sure we are on the same page and also to make sure that you have an adequate quote and different options of places where the wedding of your dreams could be.

Once you approve us, we will maintain constant communication.

Place? Photography crew? Banquet? Styling?
Don’t worry, Eventalia will be in charge of contacting all
suppliers to ensure dates and affordable pricing.
Wedding dresses
Typical Clothing
Tour Guides
Mayan Ceremonies
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The time will come when you’ll want to visit the places to select the perfect location for you wedding. We will coordinate the work agenda with suppliers so that you can have visits, tastings, auditions and time to define all the important aspects of your wedding.

Ahhhh and if you decide not to come, don’t worry, we will coordinate everything with you via videoconference, that way it’ll be just as if you were here.

Get to know yucatan

You might want to invite your family and friends and those guests will surely want to enjoy and know the surroundings.

So Eventalia will help you and your guests coordinate:



Additional experiences

One day before, Eventalia will take care of all the assembly and access to suppliers, to ensure that everything flows correctly and everything does what it’s supposed to.

And finally, the day has come.

You arrive to the event

without a worry in your mind and ready to have an amazing time.

On your wedding day, in addition to being beautiful, we will make sure that you are calm and enjoying yourself while we take care of the last minute details.

Today is your day so enjoy and share this special day with the love of your life and your loved ones.

Ahhh but it doesn’t end there, Eventalia is in charge of following up on checkouts and seeing if there are any other procedures to close up with suppliers, like delivery of photographs and videos, etc.

Well…. That’s what your wedding could be like

But only if you contact us on the button below.